"Juliana's Music Box Music Together program is by far the best parent/child class that I have taken with my son. Juliana has an amazing energy that she brings to every class. She is able to get the children and the parents/caretakers involved and excited! We started taking the classes when my son was 10 months old. We looked forward to going to see Juliana every week. My son is now 3 1/2 and has a true love of music. I credit Juliana and the Music Together® program for finding the musician in my child. I plan to enroll my 1-year-old boys in a class this fall!"

"My three-year-old started Juliana's Music Box Music Together when he was 7 months old. and I immediately saw a difference in him. He started to become very excited whenever he heard any kind of music and before I knew it he actually had rhythm. Whenever we were in the car I would pop the tape in and he would start clapping and dancing."

"My second child is now one but has been going to the classes since before he was born. I am truly amazed at how much the music has affected him. Since he was a baby, I could always calm him down by putting on his Music Together® CD. It has made many meals more enjoyable. Whenever I put on the CD both of my boys start singing and dancing."

"This is by far my three-year-old son's favorite class. We've been with Juliana for six semesters now. The class is more than simply singing children's songs; it's laying the foundation for future musical skills. At the same time, Juliana brings a level of fun and silliness to it that engages everyone."

"We have had such a wonderful experience with the program. Juliana is a phenomenal teacher. Every week she is so full of energy and my children love her. You can tell that she really enjoys what she does. We always look forward to her music class!!!"

"What a precious moment it was when we heard our 18-month-old daughter in her crib joyfully singing The Hello Song to each of her stuffed toys. We walked in to see her sitting and slapping her knees to the beat, just as we do in class. Juliana's Music Together has been an incredible experience for our whole family!"

"I started going to Juliana's Music Box Music Together classes 2 years ago when my older daughter was about 1 year old. My second daughter will soon be 1.5 years old, and both get a tremendous amount of joy and education out of the classes. It amazes me every single time, how much of her energy and knowledge Juliana shares with the groups. I cannot count the times when my daughter requested 'Jilana!!!' ('Juliana' in her words) in the car when we opted for radio instead of the CDs. The younger one can also be calmed instantly by putting on this music instead of any other kind (even songs for children). I also find myself following the beat and lyrics and enjoying it very much. I like the fact that both children can share that experience together with me and do not have to take turns while the other one has to wait in the hallway. My words cannot really do justice to our experience with Juliana, I can only recommend to check it out yourself. Watch Juliana, her interaction with everybody, and your children, and you will be as amazed and convinced as I am."

"My 4-year-old daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed Juliana's Music Box Music Together for the past 3 years. From the moment we first previewed Juliana's class, we knew we found a true gem. Juliana's class is a happy and fun place to be equally for children as well as adults. I truly believe my daughter's love of music is greatly attributed to her exposure through Juliana who made each and every class a unique and fantastic experience."

"Juliana's Music Box Music Together has been part of our lives for the past 3 1/2 years. My son now 4 years old has enjoyed Juliana's class since he was 6 months old. My daughter started at 4 months and is now 16 months. We have so many musical memories that will last us a lifetime. The one that stands out most, is at 14 months my son took his first steps in class one day. He wanted to beat on his favorite drum that was in the center of the circle and was determined to get it. Juliana is such a phenomenonal person and teacher. She brings such energy to the class and makes it such a wonderful experience."