Juliana’s Music Box is an all inclusive studio-Inspiring individuals of all ages, all abilities to embrace their true identity while unleashing their inner potential.

Drumming is a great workout for your entire brain. Research shows that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain actually synchronizes the left and right hemispheres.When the logical left and the intuitive right begin to pulsate together, your inner guidance system- or intuition- becomes stronger

While drumming- the sound generates new neuronal connections in all parts of the brain.The more connections, the more integrated our experiences become.

Drumming also seems to synchronize the lower areas of the brain( non-verbal) with the frontal cortex(language and reasoning), producing feelings of insight, certainty and happiness. That is the key word for me, happiness.

My programs help students(and their families) to grow not only physically but socially and emotionally as well. I provide the tools, resources and support that they need in order to evolve into healthy humans.

I believe that all humans live on a spectrum.If you nurture the ability of an individual instead of overcoming the disability, success is always achieved .

35 MINUTE LESSONS- In my home Newburgh studio- primary student-$32

At your home- $40(over 20 miles travel is $45)

60 MINUTE LESSONS- Home Newburgh studio-$50

At your home- $60 (over 20 miles travel is $65

All family members can also join us for $5 each additional person, with prior notification.

DRUMS ALIVE® - For All Ages and Abilities (Standing or seated ,Best 6 years and up)

Drums Alive® is a full brain, full body cardio drumming program that offers my students an opportunity to work on skills such as strength, coordination, balance, cognition,fine/gross motor skills, following directions verbally and visually as well as using many music and rhythmical applications . Appropriate for ages 6 years and up. It is an all inclusive program that can be done standing or seated.

Get ready to feel the beat of the music, I will provide the drumsticks!

For 4-8 year olds- Jumpin Beats -Getting the best exercise from the coolest childhood toy! A cardio workout that has kids using every muscle in their body. Games and choreography and some freestyle jumping make it a great activity for older kids too.


Need an event or assembly for your school or organization? Juliana’s Music Box is happy to be able to travel and offer my fun, inclusive programming in the surrounding communities.

Indoor or outdoor events, schools or recreation, educational and more…

I support anyone trying to bring individuals together in movement for a bigger reason.

CONTACT JULIANA for availability and pricing at