I am honored and tickled to have been voted the favorite children's music teacher and program in the Hudson Valley for 2014 in the Macaroni Kid Peoples choice Awards(Cold Spring, Fishkill, Beacon) with over 2000 votes.

I have been a music professional my entire adult life. I studied voice at The Eastman School of Music.As a singer, I have done national and international music theater tours, off Broadway, four solo cabarets in New York City, radio jingles, and was a winner on Star Search. I have been a paid singer in churches in New York City for 25 years, and have been with St. Bartholomew's Church Choir on Park Ave in NYC, for 16 years. I have studied ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance. I have completed Music Together® teacher training, am a registered Music Together® teacher, and a licensed Music Together® center director and a Daycare/Pre-school teacher and entertainer as well, all over the Hudson Valley. I have been running my own center for 15 years and have now taught this wonderful program to over 7000 children.

I also do the most fun Musical Birthday and photo parties. 

The most important piece of information here for you is that I love my job.

I love sharing my knowledge and talents with all of my students. I love kids and make sure they know that.

I got involved with Music Together® because of the instantaneous reaction I saw with my second child, who was nonverbal at 2 1/2 years. I needed something I could do with him at home, and a friend sent me our first Music Together collection. It changed both of our lives. From the moment the "Hello" song began, he got up and started to bounce and by the 3rd song, he was singing along on "dooo." Within days my older child (six years) was also singing along and playing rhythm patterns on my back. He established his pitch and rhythm within about three weeks. I was astonished! This program really worked! We had done two years of the local music program and I had never seen him participate or heard him sing a whole song, nor did I have any of the music that we had learned in those two years to share with my second child, except what I could remember. After two weeks of listening to the CD six times a day, I called my friend to see about coming to a class and ordered our second collection. Within six months, I had completed my training, became licensed in Music Together®, and was opening my own center.

I can still see the effects of this program in my boys at 21 and 17 years old. They both still love listening to music—not always the type I would choose, but such is life. They both will still dance with me, a magical feat! They have music in their lives as a release, a way to feel deeply without words, as a friend.

That is all that I as a parent wanted for them.

The gift of music is a gift that lasts for life.